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AMSI has been specializing in residential leasing in San Francisco, the Bay Area and San Diego since 1970.

The residential property leasing program might be what you are looking for, if you need help in finding a qualified long-term tenant and have a consistent income. This service does not include property management. If you are also interested in the day-to-day management of your property, learn more about AMSI’s property management services. AMSI will help you find a qualified tenant. Whether you own an apartment, apartment building, condominium, house or loft for lease, in San Francisco, the Bay Area or San Diego, our experts will match your property to the ideal tenant.

What are the Benefits of Working with AMSI?

  • Our existing clientele

    Due to the powerful synergy between the AMSI’s corporate housing and the leasing division, you will greatly benefit from our unique service.

    AMSI is used by Fortune 1000/500 corporations, law firms, consulates, government agencies, performing arts companies, healthcare professionals, and many more for their short-term and long-term housing needs.

    Many of AMSI’s corporate housing clients will transition into a long-term rental or real estate sales purchase after staying in one of our corporate rentals.

    AMSI has built a relationship and has exclusive contracts with many of these clients who trust our services. This broadens the exposure of your property to executives and qualified clients.

  • The support of our experienced agents to get your property rented

    As your representative, we have your best interest in mind and will strive to find a qualified tenant for you.

    However, you will retain the final decision in approving the tenant.

    Your leasing professional will frequently update you on the status of your rental property, new applicants, and what marketing strategies are being developed and used to fill any vacancy.

    All of our agents are licensed and experienced in leasing properties.

    Get to know our staff and search for your AMSI leasing agent.

  • Are you familiar with the rental market, the rental laws and regulations?

    Our highly skilled agents are experts and keep abreast of what is happening in the rental market, market trends and everything you should know when renting out your property. Furthermore, we are here to help you understand the local and state rental laws.

  • What is the process of renting out a rental property?
    • Arrange an appointment for a property evaluation
    • Property analysis, determine a rental rate based on the property’s value and location, current market comparables and your goals and objectives
    • Take pictures and write a unique property description
    • Marketing of property, supported by the AMSI marketing department
    • Arrange property showings and open houses as necessary
    • Screen applicants to find a qualified tenant for you, run credit report and check applicant’s background, including previous landlords and proof of income
    • Negotiate lease terms, on your behalf, with prospective tenants
    • Prepare and execute a professional lease
  • What work has to be done by you, the landlord?

    General upkeep and repairs are your responsibility as a landlord. Be sure you are able to take care of maintenance issues in a timely matter.

    Also, you must deal with tenants, answering their requests and concerns, handling rent collection and everything else that we include in our property management services.

    If you do not have the desire, nor the time to handle all these services, then learn more about AMSI’s property management services.

  • AMSI Concierge Services available
    • Meet and Greet upon arrival
    • Basic groceries upon arrival
    • Pack and Play Installation
    • Permanent Housing Relocation Assistance

“List your property with us and let us help you find the perfect tenant for your rental property and avoid property vacancy time….”

Would you prefer to rent out your property furnished to short-term tenants, allowing you more flexibility?

Then learn more about our furnished rental program.

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